Sustainable PET Films

New! PET Films that are Landfill Biodegradable


The EPA states that only 8% of plastics are recycled as of 2011. This leaves approximately 92% of the plastic made in the United States ending up in the landfill where it will remain for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Even then it would break down into plastic dust. The solution to all this wasted plastic? Make it landfill biodegradable where it will interact with biota in the landfill and create a bioenergy. After four years of R&D, Maverick can proudly announce the creation of such a PET film that can be used in packaging.




  • Strength of normal PET films

  • Clarity of normal PET films

  • Safe for recycling with mainstream plastics

  • FDA approved for food contact

  • Shelf stable

  • Needs no special storage conditions

  • Breaks down only when deposited in landfills

  • Not affected by moisture or high heat like other degradables or biobased plastics

  • Meets ASTM 5511 which is the standard for landfill biodegradability; the plastic will break down when consumed by biota which is everywhere.

Will biodegrade in landfills

No heat or moisture issues

Has no expiration date

Because Green Film biodegrades, it won’t end up in rivers, lakes and oceans

Unlike most

”compostable” plastics,

Green Film Products

WILL biodegrade in

backyard compost.

Can also be safely recycled with mainstream plastics

Can be made with either recycled or post consumer plastic

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