What are the problems with biodegradable plastics?

When choosing the best biodegradable plastic, you have to consider if it is TRULY biodegradable AND that it's long-lasting and shelf-stable for your needs. Not all biodegradable plastics are created equal. In fact, most biodegradable plastics on the market are not 100% biodegradable in landfills, they degrade if exposed to sun or heat, and most biodegradable plastics can't even be composted in a home compost bin. Check out our Biodegradable Plastics Comparison Chart »

Maverick Enterprise's Green Film™ is a revolutionary biodegradable plastic that actually can break down in landfills, can be composted, and is food-safe and doesn't require special storage conditions. Green Film™ doesn't have expiration dates, and breaks down without any toxic residue or chemicals.

Learn more about our truly biodegradable plastics:

How do Biodegradable Plastics Work » Biodegradable Plastic Products » View our Comparison Chart of different Biodegradable Plastics »

What are the problems with biodegradable plastics? Learn how Green Film is better.

See how Maverick Enterprise's Green Film™ stands out above other compostable/biodegradable plastics in the market in our comparison chart below:

Biodegradable Plastics Comparison Chart - avoid problems with your biodegradable plastics!

View all the details on our Biodegradable Plastics Comparison Chart »

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