Biodegradable Gift Cards

Biodegradable Gift Cards
Biodegradable Gift Cards

Maverick now has developed a material that can be used for gift cards. Over 33 billion cards were made in 2012. Most of these ended up in landfills. Being biodegradable enables them to break down into biogas which can be harvested as a cheap renewable energy. This is a terrific way to help the environment!

Our gift cards are truly biodegradable, meaning that they WILL break down in home compost bins, or even buried in a landfill without air. Our Biodegradable Gift Cards break down without any toxic-residue and leave behind no harmful chemicals. Don't be fooled by many of the compostable/biodegradable plastics available, most of them DO NOT break down in home composts nor will they break down in a landfill without air.

Gift Cards are a temporary used thing, why not make them from biodegradable plastic so that don't last for eternity?

Contact us today to find out how we can create some Biodegradable Gift Cards for your business. We love working with environmentally-conscious companies!

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