Biodegradable Plastics

Green Film versus
Biobased, Oxy-Degradable

Here is why our Green Film stands out: 

* Oxy degradable companies such as EPI Environmental Products, Symphony Environmental, and Willow Ridge Plastics

** PLA, Mater-Bi, PHB, and combinations furnished by NatureWorks, Novamont, etc


Green Film meets ASTM 5511: Standard test method for determining anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under high solids anaerobic digestion conditions. (These are the conditions for landfills.)


Green Film Natural meets  ISO 14855: Standard method for determining aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions which is equivalent to CENprEN WI 261085 and method. Evaluation of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability and ASTM 5338.98 disintegration of plastics under controlled composting conditions.


Oxy degradables meet ASTM D 6954–04: Standard tests for the oxidation and biodegradation of plastics that require thermal (heat), photo oxidation (UV rays from sunlight) and/or mechanical stress to initiate degradation.


Biobased plastics meet ASTM 6400:  Standard tests for plastics that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. They must compost in no more than 180 days.


Because Green Film biodegrades, it won’t end up in rivers, lakes and oceans

Can also be safely recycled with mainstream plastics

Can be made with either recycled or post consumer plastic