Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Will biodegrade in landfills

No heat or moisture issues

Has no expiration date

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Come in clear or in a variety of colors with no appreciable change in physical properties

Green Film - Biodegradable Coffee Bags


Maverick Enterprises works with coffee companies for biodegradable plastic coffee bags. Our coffee bags can include one-way valves if desired. We can print color graphics on clear, tinted, or opaque films. These bags are FDA approved for food content.

Converted food bags can also include micro-perforations to allow the bags to meet the specific oxygen transfer ratios your meat, produce, or fish product requires for keeping them fresh. These perforations are made with lasers and water cannot permeate these microscopic holes from the outside if this water was poured onto these bags. Products are certified ASTM for Landfill biodegradability.


Types of Bags:

  • coffee bags

  • food bags and packaging

  • we also offer biodegradable K-Cups

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Unlike most 

”compostable” plastics,

Green Film


WILL biodegrade 

in backyard compost.