Biodegradable Coffee Bags and K-Cups

Will biodegrade in landfills

No heat or moisture issues

Has no expiration date

Green Film - Biodegradable Coffee Bags and K-Cups


Eliminate plastic waste with these biodegradable plastic K-cups that fit Keurig coffee brewing machines.  Unlike most ”compostable” plastics, our biodegradable K-Cups WILL biodegrade in backyard compost. So your customers can throw their K-cups right into their home compost or city compost collection bins. 

When our K-Cups are composted or even if they are thrown away in a landfill, they interact with biota found there and break down. This works without oxygen (anaerobically) so it will work in a landfill. Only plastic that can break down without oxygen will biodegrade in a landfill, otherwise, the plastic will stay there for hundreds of years.


Types of Biodegradable Products:

  • biodegradable K-Cups

  • coffee bags

  • food bags and packaging

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Unlike most 

”compostable” plastics,

Green Film


WILL biodegrade 

in backyard compost.