Will biodegrade in landfills

No heat or moisture issues

Has no expiration date

Biodegradable Plastics that can be composted at home
Biodegradable Plastics for Food Containers, Coffee Bags, Utensils, Plates, Pouches, Bags, Straws

Unlike most

”compostable” plastics,

Green Film Products

WILL biodegrade in

backyard compost.

Biodegradable Plastics keep plastics from polluting the ocean and hurting wildlife

Because Green Film biodegrades, it won’t end up in rivers, lakes and oceans

Biodegrades in Landfills

When breaking down anaerobically, our plastic products turn into water and methane. This methane is harvested in 75% of USA landfills and is converted into electricity in many cases.

Biodegradable Plastics

Shouldn't sustainability in plastics and packaging be a solution we need for our world and our children's future? 

We custom design and manufacture Biodegradable plastic packaging and products including Cutlery, Plates, Bowls, Bags, Shrink Wrap Films, Envelopes, Coffee bags, Diapers, Plant Pots, and Produce Stickers.
Whatever biodegradable plastic need you have, we can help you create it.

Can also be safely recycled with mainstream plastics

Biodegradable Plastics that are recyclable
Biodegradable Plastics that can be recycled

Can be made with either recycled or post consumer plastic